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Simple Free marketing ideas from Cowlick Studios Windsor

As a small businesses owner you probably have limited resources, so you may skimp when the time comes to advertise. Unfortunately, such a decision contributes to the challenges you face. Fortunately, free marketing or inexpensive advertising options exist that you can use to spread brand awareness and grow sales.
To get started with a free advertising strategy, businesses owners can take advantage of the following free marketing ideas. These simple, sensible tactics can add up to bring incredible results to practically any business.

Use Businesses Cards

Every encounter between two people during the day and even after hours represents a valuable marketing opportunity. For this reason, business owners and their team members should always have business cards ready to pass out. Business cards are cheap and easy to hand out. These cards include concise, vital marketing information:
  • Logo.
  • Business name.
  • Location.
  • Website address.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Contact name.
  • Contact title.
  • Brief marketing message.
Even when people have no immediate need for a product or service, business cards still help. They may know someone who does. A business card is easily passed along.

Optimize for Local Search

Shoppers often perform internet searches from their mobile device to find nearby businesses that sell the products and services they want. One of the first steps to getting found in local search is completing a Google My Business profile. Business owners can use this free advertising to provide vital details about their companies, including their location, business hours, website link, and contact information.

Share Expertise Online

You and your team can engage your industry and target market online. In addition to forums that specifically pertain to your trade, you can join conversations on social media. Companies that engage people online have a better chance to establish their authority while spreading awareness of their brand. This type of free marketing requires consistency but it can become very profitable over time.

Attend Events

You should consider participating in free local events that give you a chance to meet new people and support your community. Businesses-friendly events abound in most communities:
  • Seasonal festivals.
  • Sporting events.
  • Parades.
  • Business networking events.
  • Community cleanup days.
By getting your name and logo in front of more eyes during routine events, you can create a human, personable, and approachable perception of your brand.

Get Free Marketing as Guest Blogger

As a business owner you can expand your audience and the reach of your brand by writing for established blogs that pertain to your industry or products. In exchange for sharing your expertise and free content with such websites, you get to place a link to your website that can drive a lot of qualified website traffic that can substantially increase lead generation and sales.

Leave Comments

Demonstrate your expertise as well as your commitment to people before profits by leaving feedback for articles, blog posts, and social media posts that relate to your brand or industry. Like other forms of free marketing, this takes time and a consistent effort. However, as time passes, commenting and sharing unique perspectives on issues can build a human aura for your brand.

Personal Branding

Every business owner and every employee represents a free marketing channel. All you have to do is wear shirts and jackets with your company logo on them. Branding is critical for your business. In essence, by wearing branded attire, the people who power a business can become mobile billboards. In addition to brand awareness, your clothes can stimulate conversations that can lead to sales and long-term relationships.

FREE marketing ideas for your small business - 60 Minute Marketing Plan from Cowlick Studios Windsor

Email Signatures

You may not have a lot of money for marketing, but you do send emails. So, you should take advantage of this opportunity by adding a custom signature to every outbound message. Fortunately, most email clients allow users to automate this process. In addition to the company name, a signature can include a motto and short marketing message as well as contact information.


In addition to participating in online blogs, you should start your own blog. Blogging is important for your small business. This can dramatically increase the popularity and effectiveness of a standard business website by sharing company and industry news as well as product information.

For example, a blog can host content as diverse as articles about behind-the-scenes operations and product demonstrations. When indexed by search engines, this content can stimulate steady streams of well-qualified website traffic that lead to sales. Not sure how to start check out this blogging guide.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Email Automation are also important for your business. You can collect email addresses and grow your email list at sales counters in your stores and have newsletter registration forms on your website. Many well-known email management services are available that allow companies to get started for free. By building a mailing list and sending news and promotions, you can stay connected to your prospects and customers.

In summary, many free marketing methods exist that can help you promote yourself on a budget. While putting the above ideas to use, you and your team should look for other ways to advertise without breaking the bank. Need some help? Marketing doesn’t have to be hard! We can help with your small business marketing.



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