Blogging Tips from Cowlick Studios Marketing Windsor

Cowlicks Guide To Creating Your First Blog

Guide To Writing Your First Blog Blogging is an important marketing tactic for any small business owner. Blogging can also be a fun activity for sharing your ideas or your adventures. Regardless of why you decide to start blogging, there are some blogging rules that have been tried and proven true. Here are some of […]

Website Development Windsor Cowlick Studios

The Best Website Development is Planned

Like pouring a cement patio, the foundation and preparation is key to a proper and functional website development. If you are trying to build or improve your website, it is always best to have a website development plan. Here are some of the reasons to take just a little bit more time for your website […]

Google-My-Business-Setup Marketing Windsor

Simple Steps on How to Setup Your Google My Business Page

my Step By Step – How to Set Up Your Google My Business Page Created specifically for Internet marketing and online exposure Google My Business is a great tool for any small business owner. This Internet tool Google provides is cost-free and intended to increase the virtual presence of a business, ultimately leading to increased […]

Email Marketing by Cowlick Studios Windsor

Email Marketing Golden Rules

Email Marketing Email marketing has to be one of the best business models out there for anyone to start. It requires very little upfront costs while the profit you can make on the backend is basically infinite. Many entrepreneurs use email marketing as a means of scaling their business and there’s one good reason for […]

marketing automation windsor Cowlick Studios

Why Marketing Automation is Important

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Marketing Automation Marketing automation is one tools that can be used to grow and market your business. One study concluded that over 80% of business will handle consumer relations solely through a dedicated automation, while never talking to anyone. But wait you say; “customers want to deal with a person.” […]

Your website and the trustworthiness of your business

Your Website Design and the Trustworthiness of your business.

First Impressions: How Your Website Design Affects Your Trustworthiness Your website design in Windsor is the first impression you make on potential customers online. You don’t have a messy, disorganized physical space because you know that it would make a poor impression on people. The same rules apply to your online space. Good web design […]

one-page-marketing plan from Cowlick Studios Windsor

60 Minute One Page Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Simple One Page Marketing Plan for Your Small Business Many business owners go about launching and operating their businesses without any real strategy or marketing plan in place. A well thought out marketing plan will allow you to set measurable goals that you can work towards and determine if your efforts were effective. Without a […]

Tips to Effective Call to Action

8 Tips to Writing Effective Calls To Action

8 Tips to Writing Effective Calls to Action Visit our website today and be entered to win $1 million! Have I got your attention? Who wouldn’t do this? I’d probably visit the site several times. This is one approach to using call to action to get someone interested in your product or service. In this […]

sales funnesl and your business windsor

The Importance of a Sales Funnel and Your Digital Marketing

Sales Funnel and Your Digital Marketing If you own a business, you absolutely need to know what a sales funnel is and how it applies to your company. Every company should be able to explain what their funnel looks like and how they utilize it. In this article, I am going to break down the […]

Website Pop Up Website Design Windsor

Using A Website Pop-Ups So it is Not Annoying

Building an Effective Website Pop-Up That Will Increase the Chances of Conversion A website pop-up is a light box that will block the entire page of a website to grab the attention of users and provide a call to action. The call to action can be through highlighting a campaign or signing up for emails. […]