Facebook Live tips for those Scared to be live on Facebook.

Facebook Live Tips from Cowlick Studios

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses turn to Facebook Live for digital marketing is to save time. Compared to creating and editing content every day, using live video saves a lot of time. You just have to talk, which takes less effort than writing for most people.

There are several other ways Facebook Live helps you promote your business and it should certainly be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Here are the top things that will motivate you to use this platform for your small company or startup:

  1. You can provide unique content in real-time that no other brands can copy. As soon as you begin streaming, you  produce content that suits your audience.
  2. This digital marketing strategy is cost-effective since you provide a live action feed to the viewers. It means each video is raw and unedited, which consumers like these days. Compared to promoting on YouTube and other platforms, you do not need to hire a professional to create these videos.
  3. You can generate a lot of hype if you plan to release a product. When used correctly, you can draw in potential customers as you present new live videos for product updates.
  4. It is an effective way to connect to your audience directly. This benefit is one of the best when you use Facebook Live for your small business. You provide a great way for your viewers to personally approach you whenever you deliver content to them.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, using live video on Facebook provides great analytics. The details include the total number of people watching and their account names. They can also leave their comments and you can read and respond to them while you continue filming.

As soon as your live video is over, it will automatically remain in your timeline. You and your viewers can share it on Twitter, blogs, and other social media platforms. You can delete it as well.

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When to Use Facebook Live Broadcasts

Depending on your company and its needs, you have a variety of ways to use FB Live.

  • Unveil your new website design live on Facebook.
  • Restaurants or cooking stores can benefit from a live cooking show. Chefs or cooks can have an “Ask Me Anything” session (AMA session). These sessions allow viewers to get answers to their questions in real time. But AMAs are not limited to  restaurants. They are also great for any professional service with customers who ask questions – who doesn’t have that! As long as you have an area of expertise, you can answer questions or give your audience some advice or tips. These AMA’s are then on your Facebook page and you can use them to direct other people in the future.
  • If you like teaching people about new products, you can feature videos where you unbox an item you received.
  • Finally, use live videos for product demos or announcements.

Once you have the specific reason why you want to do a Facebook Live video, it is time to start. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you begin and even take things to the next level:

Practice without an audience.

Check that your privacy settings are set to “Only Me.” Then, you can start the live feed and watch it alone or with your staff members. Capturing videos and letting other people watch can be scary. However, offering the video in real-time is a different story. A lot of things can easily go wrong, which is why it is helpful to test it first.

Make sure you have a good Internet connection.

Your upload speed should always be a priority. You do not want to appear distorted as you broadcast or your audio delayed. Several problems can stem from slow Internet speed. If your connection is excellent, it will help you produce a good quality video.

Keep it as short as possible.

Unless you have a strong customer base and you are a big celebrity, you will want to keep everything short. Respect your viewers’ time by broadcasting for not more than five minutes. Of course, you can extend it after three or more live videos. Be sure that you have captured your audience; otherwise, they will start complaining and leaving. Once you have an established brand and number of loyal customers, you can have broadcasts that can last longer.

Have a good plan.

Although you may already know what you are going to say, you can easily end up forgetting some crucial points. Before your Facebook Live video starts, write down the important information that you would like to share. You want to be spontaneous but be professional at the same time. Know what you need to say before you begin filming so you do not find yourself struggling for words.

It is best to craft your live videos. Begin with a headline that will catch people’s attention. Use a guide that sums up all the points you want to talk about. This way, you do not forget what you should tell your audience.

Test everything first.

If you plan to demonstrate a new product, make sure it works. Use your camera and record for a minute or two to see the best angle. Practice makes perfect and it is beneficial for your Facebook broadcast.

Facebook live is a great tool for your business and a great way to connect with your audience. You can use it in a lot of different and creative ways. The trick is to not be shy and remember that the more you use Facebook live the better you will become. Good luck!


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