Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Might Need Work?

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Digital Marketing has many standards and guidelines that make certain websites effective and others… not so much. At Cowlick Studios we try to stay within the guidelines, unless there is an obvious reason why it might be better to go outside the rules. Is your digital marketing working for you or against you? Here are a few questions to ask to help you find an answer and maybe work to improve your digital strategy.


1. You do not offer clear direction on what to do when a user arrives on your website.

Look at each page of your website and all landing pages, and decide if it would be clear to a prospect what his next step should be.


2. Your website design does not focus on your target market?

Focus on your targets, implement strategic programs, and measure the results to know where you should continue your efforts.


3. You are not making room and time for Social media?


This is an important lead generation tip and aspect of digital marketing. Social Media is here to stay. Gone are the days of relying on your website and SEO alone to drive traffic to your site. Google does consider your social media feeds when ranking your website; the more you use your social media channels the more points you will add to your google score.


4. Your digital marketing offers are not relevant.


Website visitors and your prospective clients need content that is relevant to them. Give them something for FREE that they can implement and have success with. Or if they can’t implement it but can see the value in your offer they will contact you to do the work for them. While you want to drive the right traffic to your website and landing pages, others who are never going to buy anything from you are also going to download your content. These people downloading your content may pass this content on to others who will ultimately buy.

Don’t forget about the timing! Consumers want to see different information at different parts of the decision process, the content you choose to present at a particular time may often decide if you make their short lists.




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5. You are not offering Incentives.


Some website users are very motivated by incentives and will purchase because of the incentives they receive. The trick to using incentives well is to only use them for those that are motivated by them, instead of wasting marketing dollars by giving out incentives to all.


Want to improve your digital marketing and website? You can download our 47 Point Homepage Checklist to learn more about how to improve your website design and functionality or check out this post Seven Ways to Double Website Leads.

Make these changes to your website design and you should see an increase in leads from your website. If you are not sure about how to implement these on your website, contact us and we will be happy to help. Do you have other ideas of what makes a good website design?


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