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Email Marketing Is Still Important For Marketing

With the growth of social media, many people would incorrectly think that Email Marketing is no longer a valuable tool for marketing your small business. Most social media channels use emails as digital IDs. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many more others rely on email. Therefore, people are not ditching emails any time soon.

When it comes to marketing, emails act as the digital footprint. The easiest way to find people online is through them. In this article, we will look at why email marketing is still valuable, and why it will continue to be important to your marketing mix.

1. It Is Effective

As a marketer, you need a channel that will bring results. As long as it brings acceptable returns, you continue using it. Email marketing delivers high return on investments compared to social media, postage mail, and paid search. At about 122% ROI, it gives every marketer a reason to smile. According to recent research, almost 60% of the marketers are continuously increasing their email marketing budget, not reducing it.

The same research discovered that email marketing generates more leads compared to other channels. More leads mean more conversions and sales. As a marketer, you want a channel that targets the customer directly. With email you can directly target a consumer based on their wants and needs. And Unless you delete an email, it will stay on your system. A user may not need a service today, but after some time, they might. At that time, you hope that they still have your email. Here are some golden rules of email marketing.

2. Easily Accessible Via Mobile Phones

About 90% of the people open emails through their smartphones. In fact, most of them have email notifications. Because of this SMS-like delivery, keep emails precise to catch the attention of your customer. If it is a weekend offer you have sent your target customer, he or she will compare it with other offers and make a decision.

Further, Inc. estimates that 52% of cellphone owners open emails on the phone. Almost 60% of retailers’ email messages are opened on cellphones or tablets. While there is a decent population that may not have smartphones, they still get time to read emails via other channels almost as instant as mobile phones.

3. You Can Personalize or Customize Your Email Campaigns

When paired with an effective landing page design and effective call to action you  can personalize an email campaign. You can send anything via email —an image, media, a document, coupon, etc. For the case of follow up clients, you can inform them of changes in service, improvement in functionality, discounts and many other things. For new customers, you can target them with information about the services you offer.

You can make targeted messages for every customer profile, customize the content of the email and send cart reminders. Use emails to request feedback after completing a sale, too. Is there another channel that can give you all these advantages in one package?

4. Easy To Engage and Follow Up

Measuring the impact of your campaign strategy is important. To do that, you should be able to track your correspondence to and from your customer targets. Email marketing provides a lot of stored data that you can analyze. Such data include response duration, customer profile, response rate, and quality of response, among many other things.

It is easy to test and measure the impact of your email marketing campaign using available email data. You will know what is working and what is not. Testing various methods and strategies is possible.

5. The Process Can Be Automated

Email automation makes any email campaign easy, and fast. However, it has to be done correctly, or else it will be counterproductive. Keep it professional; do not just spam people’s inboxes. Email automation systems allow you to avoid spam filters and follow country appropriate spam laws. Email automation is perfect especially when the customer establishes the first contact — makes an order or inquiry through a form on your website.

You can send the customer an email confirmation. From there, you can break down the products and services for them. Keep your customers informed through regular updates.


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6. The Best B2B Business Correspondence

Email communication accounts for 73% of B2B communication. It includes all formal contacts, quotes, product updates, order status, etc. With email automation, a B2B supplier only needs to send updates to the customers. If there is a new service or product, you can send an updated catalog online.

Emails are formal. Companies add all the relevant, including privileged, attachments to them. You can even attach contract documents, non-disclosure agreements and so on. Emails come in handy in this era where people can do business online exclusively.

7. Emails Are Engaging and Extremely Affordable

Emails always scream for attention. The reply, forward or star buttons are very inviting. They are free to send and apart from the data charges, which are often negligible, there are no other related costs.  About 3 billion people use emails today. If you sell online, over 90% of your customers have emails.


Email marketing is effective, cheap, and readily automated. You can customize it, improve on it, and incorporate mobile experience. This flexibility makes it the best marketing channel today.

For a greater understanding of how email marketing can help your small business read our ultimate guide to email marketing.


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