3 Elements of a Great Website

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Your website is the face of your digital marketing, it needs to be well designed and function properly to get the leads and sales you want from it. Paying attention to these 3 elements of a great website will help you get results. We often turn our attention to email marketing or direct mail, billboards or other advertisements. But, let’s turn our direction to one of the most powerful tools for your company—your website. A website not only allows people to get to know your company before using its products and services, but it is also a great place to establish yourself as an industry authority. In order to do that, you need to continually add vitality. Take a look at these three ways to freshen up your website:

Great Copy

Every company needs to tell their unique story to the public. Including your story on your website will convey to the masses who you are and what you stand for. But, make sure to keep a few eyes on the copy throughout the website. It needs to be well-edited and succinct.


3 elements of a great website, Cowlick Studios 47 Point Checklist


Evergreen Content

Another element of a great website is evergreen content. Draw visitors to your website with meaningful blog content. Write content that that is going to last and will be substantive in a year or two. Not every blog post needs to be this way, but write one “evergreen” post out of five blog posts.

Beautiful Design as elements of a great website

Convey your message in the right way with a beautiful website design. More often than not, people get lost in a disorganized website rather than seeing the message. Not every design fits every company, so think about your company’s tone. Think about having a bold homepage, clear navigation or calls to action on each page. You can read more about other elements of a great website in this article must have for website design or in our complete guide to website design.

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