5 Proven E-mail Templates to Add to Your Conversion Funnel

E-mail Templates to improve your email marketing

A lot of businesses use automated e-mail campaigns to reach prospective clients and influence during the different stages of the sales funnel. This is quite understandable, once you consider the impossibility of manually e-mailing every single potential client in your e-mail list. Just like with any other marketing strategy, your sales e-mails have to be constantly updated. A fresh, new perspective helps to avoid becoming repetitive, stale and annoying.

Constantly writing new e-mail copies without a template is a waste of time. Establishing an effective e-mail strategy requires a proven template than is easily adapted to reach clients at different stages in the sales funnel. Here are some of the most effective e-mail templates you can add to your existing email marketing automation.


FAQ e-mails are excellent for drawing out your client’s potential objections and phrasing them as answerable questions. The most important aspect of FAQ e-mails is to provide prospects with an answer that completely removes the objection and eliminates any doubt they might have about the validity of your brand and any products and services you might be offering. There are three main ways you can search for objection ideas:

  •    help desk
  •    support e-mails
  •    surveys

Surveying past customers is an easy and effective way of finding out why exactly your customers choose your brand. It also can help establish what made them hesitant before purchasing. FAQ’s are also effective for gauging customer satisfaction. You can grab customer’s questions and answer them one by one in your FAQ.


5 Proven E-mail Templates to Add to Your Conversion Funnel, Cowlick Studios 47 Point Checklist


Case studies

Case studies represent one of the most popular means of addressing specific objections about your products and services. What makes them so popular is that they combine information, education, and storytelling into a cohesive persuasive argument. Case Studies provide potential clients with the confidence that your services and products will work for them as well.

Live Training

Many businesses use webinars in order to convert leads and prospects into loyal paying customers. KISSmetrics is the perfect example. By using weekly webinars to educate and engage potential customers KISSmetrics, pushes customers further down the conversion funnel. To maximize the click-through rates on live training and webinar e-mails, make sure to limit the number of registrations. This will help induce scarcity and create urgency while allowing you to provide the attendees with personalized attention, further increasing your conversions.

Some digital marketing firms advise strongly against using fluff and over-the-top sales pitches. Be exact and precise when outlining what potential attendees should expect from your webinar. Include a couple of bullets that accurately depict the type of information they can learn, and how can they successfully incorporate said information themselves. In short, provide your prospects with real value.


One can only write so much useful information before running out. Stories, on the other hand, are something you can never run out of. They are an essential part of every conversion funnel and as such, allow you to sell products and services without being too pushy. Just like FAQs and case studies, stories can be used to refute objections without actually arguing. Instead, you overcome said objections indirectly, i.e., by telling a story.

By the time you finish telling your story, your sales pitch should no longer be a sales pitch, but rather a moral of an interesting story. Logically addressing objections is one thing, but using a story to showcase your brand is something completely different. Telling a story instead of blatantly arguing with potential customers will help you establish authority and build long-term trust.


Taking the time and effort to adequately address objections is one of the most prevailing factors in boosting marketing funnel conversions. Why break your head trying to list all the objections you might hear when you can throw a Q&A session? Simply ask about the things your customers are struggling with and offer concrete advice that helps solve the issue.

This allows you to observe how potential consumers respond to different sales pitches in real-time and use this information to further improve your e-mail marketing strategy. Potential customers will respond to sales pitches the same way they will respond to Q&A e-mails, making them a valuable tool for optimizing your conversion funnel.

Have in mind that these are just some of the most effective e-mail templates you can use in your conversion funnel. Others include how-to articles, proven content, quick tips, as well as audio and video content. Are there any other e-mail templates you think deserve to be featured on this list? Let us know in the comments below


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