Seven Ways to Double Your Website Leads

Have you ever wondered how you can increase website leads from your website? A website has to be nourished regularly to avoid becoming stale. If you have a website, you should schedule time each and every week to nourish your website to avoid it becoming irrelevant. Here are seven ways you can increase the number of visitors on your website and keep your website fresh.

1. Know your goals

If you have a website, you certainly need to know what you want to achieve with it. You should determine your short-term and long-term goals and be clear on what actions you want your visitors to take. Whether you want them to subscribe to your newsletters, submit their email or leave you their contact information. Design a clear visitor path such that the visitor will know exactly what to do when visiting your website and what information is available to them and thus increase website leads.

2. Build trust and authority

If your visitors find that you are trustworthy, there is nothing they won’t give you whether it is their contact information or submitting their email. It is easier to generate website leads by creating a section for testimonials and reviews from other customers to build authority and trust. Offering a money back guarantee or warrantee helps to build trust.

3. Beautiful branding

Branding is a way to captivate your visitors. Users will be more attracted to a page that has high quality design and a professional logo as opposed to one that doesn’t. Colours and layout are consistent, with readable text; help to lead viewers around the site. Tell your story in a video and in an article and include your big WHY. Tell your visitors why you are doing what you do and what they should expect from the website.



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4. Be search friendly to help generate website leads

If your web page can be easily found on the web, more visitors will be directed to it. Choose clear keywords and write content that is rich in those keywords to make it easier for people to locate your web page. Link your page internally with others. This gives the visitor an assurance that your web page is a wealth of information making them want to visit it more often.

5. Be compelling

Create clear calls to action (CTA) and strong headlines to compel your visitors to commit. Talk about your prospect’s pain points and they will have confidence that you are aware and can solve their problems. Clear and unique value propositions compel your visitors to commit and even subscribe to your newsletters or leave you their contact information.

6. Be irresistible

If you are compelling enough, you will also be irresistible to the visitors. Offer them incredible value free, in exchange of their email. This should be an offer that they won’t be able to pass over. After they leave you their email, surprise them with something special after.

7. Have amazing lead capture points

Create clear primary and secondary calls to action and blog opt-ins. A blog is a wealth of information about your product or service. You should make sure that your visitors learn as much as they can. Pop up light boxes are also a way to convince visitors to opt in. An exit pop up offer after your visitor leaves the site provides another opportunity for users to download valuable information.

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