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In the web design world, it’s called a CTA — or the call to action. It’s the language that asks your user to do something — whether that’s reading more about or buying a product or service or giving you feedback.

The Hero Image text is one of the most important aspects above the fold of your web design. But the very best CTAs are the ones that deliver on a promise — and meet a customer need all at the same time. Sounds hard to do, right? Maybe not if you incorporate these four expert tips as your guide:

Create Suspense

At the end of the day, you have to fulfill the promise you make to your customer if you want a website conversion. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t entice your customer along the way. Try to incorporate suspense into your CTA so that your customer feels like she or he is missing out on something. A great example comes from the hero text that Netflix uses: “See what’s next.” It’s simple and only three words, but it makes the user wonder: “Yeah, I wonder what is next!”

Keep this in mind as you are crafting your CTAs. What language will make your customer want what you have?; What are you offering?; What is lacking in your customer’s life if you aren’t part of it? Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow and define what your CTA really should be.

Offer Your Customer a Trial

If your business is a good as you say it is, then you won’t mind giving your customers a free trial. This is the perfect way to entice them in your CTA. There are a variety of ways to communicate something is free.

One is to offer a free 30-day subscription. Another is to allow your users to join your company website/service for free, which is what Dropbox does. The CTA to sign up for a free Dropbox account is prominent on the page.

The catch that you’ll have to consider if what you will charge your customers for. Dropbox, for example, makes customers who want more storage pay a fee.



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Be Helpful to Your User

New customers become part of website conversion when you give them something that makes their lives better. That’s why they are going to purchase your products or services. So in your hero text CTA, appeal to what that unique that you have to offer really is.

A great example of this comes from the website Evernote, which helps you manage checklists and your life in general. Their CTA? “Remember everything.” In two words, they are appealing to a desire of potential customers — to have a memory superpower — and to convince their customers that they can deliver that, at least in part. It’s the believing part that is key here.

You want your customers to get behind you and give your company a try. You need to deliver, of course. And while you perhaps cannot actually give your customer that memory superpower he or she wants — you can deliver it in the form of an app or website, which is what Evernote has done so successfully via their hero CTA.

Use Negative Space

Some of the best websites out there can grab the attention of users not only with the text but with the combination of a great CTA and the use of negative space. This is the white space around the CTA that makes it more pronounced and catches the user’s eye.

Use negative space around CTAs and buttons so that they are the visual that your customer is drawn to as soon as he or she visits your site.

Is It Time to Revamp Your Hero Image and Text?

It is important to pay attention to what is above the fold of your web design. Writing effective CTAs for your hero images isn’t as difficult as you may think — but it does take some practice. As the experts at web design Windsor, we encourage you not to give up!

With a little creativity and brainstorming around copy, you can make sure you are not only capturing the attention of new, potential customers but that you are delivering on a promise by giving them something they want and need. The best kind of marketing writing doesn’t disappoint a customer as he or she clicks through. Instead, you know you’ve done your job when the customer clicks through and stay for a while.

Reach your goals with these four expert tips for transforming your hero image text with a clear and enticing call to action — if you need help contact Cowlick Studios for your web design!


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