Re-Branding – When Should You Re-Brand?

Branding and re-branding is an integral part of any business, regardless of industry and size. Without branding, recognizing and recalling a business becomes difficult for customers. A business with successful branding should be memorable and easy to recall.

Think of the logos of top brands like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Nike. You likely have the ability to instantly recall the logos and color schemes used by these brands. Branding is important but what if you already have a brand but it is no longer working for you? There are a variety of reasons you may need to re-brand, below are some signs to look for. Important to note here is that branding is more than your logo.

The Vision for Your Brand Has Changed

If the vision for your brand has changed or shifted, it may be time for a re-branding of your business. Updating the brand of your business is a way to change the way you convey your brand message or purpose with prospective customers and clients. If you have chosen to target a new audience or expand into a new industry, it may be time to re-brand.

Your Business Model has Changed

Has your business model changed. When you first launched your company you had a certain way of doing things but maybe that has changed. And example would be Switching from selling one-of-a-kind handcrafted items to mass production. Another example is if you are now offering a subscription-based business model to customers. With these changes it is important to re-brand your business to fit with your new model.

Re-Branding when your Brand is Unappealing, Unattractive, and Outdated

Ok… sometimes a logo your wife’s, uncles cousin’s neighbour works to start – but not really. Contracting a graphic designer is highly recommended, especially when starting your business. If your business has grown and you are still using a logo that was designed decades ago, it is time for a re-brand. If  your business is using outdated or irrelevant graphics, it may be time for a re-brand. Re-branding your business is imperative to maintain or increase professionalism. Branding speaks to your values. If you have a bad looking or outdated brand, that is the message you are sending about your business. When your creative material is outdated, the represent your brand poorly.

In competitive industries, you only have one opportunity to make a lasting and positive impression on prospective customers. It is a good idea to update your brand every few years to ensure you are modern and relevant.

re-branding Google

Business is Growing or You plan to Grow

Whether your business is growing as expected or if you are scaling unexpectedly, you may want to consider re-branding your business. As businesses begin to expand and scale, they encounter additional target markets, providing more revenue streams and opportunities.

How is your brand is viewed by those who encounter it? The differences between how you are viewed and how you want to be viewed will determine if it is time to re-brand. If you are growing it is time to re-brand your company’s logo, slogan, and overall message.

Re-branding when It is just time for a Re-Start

Has your business lost its touch? Have you experienced negative reviews that you wish you could erase from your company’s history? When you choose to re-brand your business it is possible to start over with a fresh new beginning. Re-branding your business is one way to make a comeback without sacrificing your ability to generate revenue or to maintain loyal customers.

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You Are Struggling to Turn a Profit

If you are struggling to generate sales or turn a profit, it may be time to consider a full re-brand. Offering a completely new re-brand for your business is a way to stand out among local competition while leaving a lasting impression.

You Look Similar to Your Top Competition

If your brand is often mistaken for your competition, rethinking your brand can help. If your brand’s logo is similar to your competition and you did not establish your brand first, updating your logo is advisable. This will help to prevent future mix-ups for your clients.

re-branding by Pepsi

You Are Not Attracting the Right Customers for Your Business

If your products and services are of high-quality and you are doing your best to provide top-notch customer service, you may simply be missing the mark when it comes to the look and feel of your brand. Depending on what demographics you are attempting to reach, you may need to update your brand’s logo to appeal to users who have a genuine interest in your business. A re-brand of your entire business provides a great opportunity to get creative while connecting with your target audience.

When You Are Out of Options

If you have tried improving the quality of your products and services or if you have exhausted all of the marketing strategies you have in mind, consider re-branding your business altogether by working with a business re-branding company. A re-branding company specializes in helping brands revamp their logos, color schemes, and overall presentation both online and off. A successful re-brand provides you with an entirely new look, feel, and aesthetic to help with presenting and promoting the products and services you offer.

Knowing when and how to re-brand a company is necessary is important as the owner of a business of any size. Ensuring your company’s branding is aligned with the vision you have for your business is imperative. By re-branding you can outperform your competition while establishing yourself in any market or industry.

Examples of rebranding done right!



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