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Web Development Company Windsor

A well-designed website keeps the traffic flowing and visitors engaged. However, your website might be hurting your business if it’s outdated.

Visitors tend to think less of a business that has an outdated, ugly website. All your marketing efforts will amount to nothing if your website does not meet the expectations of your visitors.

Let’s take a look at four clear signs that indicate its time to invest in a website redesign. Be sure to hire a reliable web development company Windsor.

Your website is not mobile-friendly

With more than 51% online searches being carried out on mobile devices, it’s important to optimise your website for your mobile users.

If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, you are ignoring a big chunk of your target audience and, in essence, looking at poor conversions.

A mobile responsive website adapts to the device and screen it loads on to provide a seamless, consistent experience.

Look up your website on your mobile phone. Do you have to zoom-pinch or squint to read the text? Are you finding it hard to click on navigation menu or the call to action buttons? All of these indicate your website is not mobile-friendly. Contact a web development company Windsor for a redesign.

Your website is slow

Your site’s load speed is too slow. Or your site loads slow on some browsers or devices.

You’ve got only 3 seconds to impress your visitors. So if your website takes all of this time to load, you will have a tough time retaining them on your site. Your visitors will leave your site even before it loads.

So don’t let an ineffective site affect your conversions. Get it redesigned at the earliest.

Your website looks outdated

With time, consumers’ preferences and tastes evolve. If your website’s design is outdated, it will fail to make an impression. It’s doing you more harm than good.

If your website was designed a decade ago or looks like it was developed during the dial-up age, it’s time to invest in a modern, minimalist, user-friendly website.

Your website is difficult to navigate

Navigation affects everything from bounce rates and rankings to user experience and conversions. If your visitors are having a hard time navigating your site or finding specific content, they won’t stay on your site for long.

Think from their perspective and invest in a website that’s easy to navigate and use.

Take your business to the next level, contact Cowlick Studios a Web Development Company Windsor

Cowlick Studios is a trusted web development company in Windsor with years of experience. We work with you to build a website solution that meets your requirements and goals. Contact us today to schedule a 30-minute consultation.

Responsive Web Design

Our responsive web designs blend functionality and aesthetics, delivering your message without letting your calls to action get lost in the clutter. Our sleek designs are eye-catching, unique, and intuitive, drawing your customers in so you can continue to build trust in your brand.

Custom Web Design

We’ll create a custom designed website that perfectly meets your individual web design requirements.

WordPress content management system

Easily keep your website page content fresh and updated whenever you want.

SEO Ready

Your website will built to be extremely search engine friendly plus you can optimize pages too!


Digital purchasing is thriving, and your brand is part of it. Enhanced online ecommerce sites turn shopping from a chore into an experience. Customers will not only want your products, but will also enjoy the simple pleasure of using your online store.

3W Care

First Impressions Count. Your business needs to look professional to be taken seriously. We consider all aspects of your brand and develop a brand based on research.

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