How To Express Your Brand Personality On Social Media

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Brand Personality on Social Media

Nowadays, most businesses have more than one social media account. Every business has to work smarter than their competitors to win customers and retain current customers. As such, modern day marketing has shifted its focus from promoting only products to increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

Social media allows businesses to speak directly to their customers and prospects and show them who they are. By putting their voice out there and giving insights into their brand personality, businesses can now build relationships with their customers. Here are several tips that your business can use to express its brand personality on social media.

Share behind the scenes content

Behind the scenes content comes in handy when you are operating on a limited budget, or you have little time to produce content. It wins the hearts of many customers and prospects.
This content gives your followers a first-hand and unique experience of what your business is doing behind closed doors. It also gives them a peek into your daily operations, and by showing the faces in your business, it personalizes your brand.

With just a smart-phone, you can generate value-driven behind the scenes content that grows deep connections and builds trust. With excellent timing, this content can bring in lots of conversions. Why don’t you try tactics like releasing content about your team testing a product before its launch? Sneak peeks like this will instill a sense of excitement in your audience and can create hype about new releases or upcoming events.

Provide value

According to a study by Sprout Social, most consumers prefer honest (86%), friendly (83%), helpful (78%) and funny (72%) brand personalities. Ensure that every bit of information you share is valuable and useful to your target audience.

Audiences are likely to be loyal to your brand if they perceive you as an authority in the industry. To showcase your expertise, offer helpful tips and advice or hold Q&A sessions on various platforms and give clear, useful answers to every question. In doing so, you not only display your knowledge but you also build a stronger reputation.

Your followers are also likely to respond well to exclusive sales and discount codes promoted for social media followers only. This trick will not only inspire more followers and engagement, but these customers will feel a stronger sense of value resulting from being ‘in-the-know’.

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Make your Bios and ‘About Us’ pages more informative

A business’s Bio on Twitter and Instagram or the ‘About Us’ page on Facebook offers an excellent opportunity to communicate brand personality. These sections must have audience-centric information that displays your purpose, what you offer, and why you offer it.

For instance, as a shoe retailer, you can share the story behind your motivation towards selling the best, most cost-effective shoes. These sections should not be focused on promoting products. Instead, they should show the human side of your business by sharing content that makes the audience feel that they can relate to your business. Don’t forget to include key business information such as your email, contact number or store address to give your customers a direct source of information.

Bios and ‘About Us’ sections are also great places to showcase your credentials. Include any awards and accomplishments in these sections to show that you are an authority in the industry. Lastly, include links to videos, and photos to avoid seeming generic.

Use Humor

In the Sprout Social study discussed earlier, it was found that 72% of customers prefer funny brand personalities. Humor helps to engage people so long as it resonates with your audience and is industry relevant. It humanizes your brand voice and earns you more exposure, as people are most likely to share what they like with their social media friends.

Social Media Marketing for your business is important. If you’re having trouble expressing your brand personality through your social media channels we can help.


Claire Stevens
Crunchy Social Director


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