Landing Page Do’s and Don’ts

Landing Page Dos and Don'ts Cowlick Studios Web Design

Landing page Do’s and Don’ts

The concept of a landing page is fairly simple; create a page to send web visitors to and use that page to offer something of value in exchange for an email. Landing pages can also be used for subscribing to newsletters/email listings or to purchase particular products/services. The end goal is to transform website visitors into leads and ultimately sales for your business.

The fundamental purpose of any landing page is to develop your e-mail list to endorse events, services or products and continue to provide value to your leads or customers. If your not sure about how to effectively email market then see this post, it will provide a few basics to get started with email marketing. For now, however, we will focus on Landing page do’s and don’ts.

To begin, it is crucial for web browsers to be able to find your website. You can accomplish this through Search Engine Optimization, online ads through search engines or social media. Secondly, it is important for you to have an effective landing page which provide a webinar, pdf how to, or other item of value. Your landing page must be engaging and designed well in order for browsers to take you seriously.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts on designing the perfect landing page:

    • Do Write a Good headline or title.

      Your online visitors have short attention spans. If you got them to your page, you need to maintain their attention. For this reason a catchy headline will make them curious and want to stay on the page.

    • Don’t forget about mobile devices.

      Most web users browse online for shopping and services from the comfort of their Mobile phone, so it is vital to make it mobile-friendly.

    • Do Make your landing page look good.

      People are naturally attracted towards well laid out and balanced pages. Good design demonstrates professionalism, reliability and stability therefore, be sure that your landing page, online ads and website work in harmony with complimenting themes and colors. Your landing page should look professional and not like a spam webpage.

    • Do Keep your text brief and engaging.

      Your detail information must be sharp and crisp with short lines and bullet listings. Your visitor must be able to view it easily from a mobile phone and read it quickly.

    • Don’t Give visitors external links.

      When the visitor clicks on your landing page, you must keep them from being distracted by another link that will take them away from your landing page. Keep your page clear of such links and keep traffic on your landing page.

    • Don’t Ask for too much info.

      If your landing web page has a form with too many form fields, visitors will become disinterested or overwhelmed and will ditch your page.Ask only for the information, which is absolutely required and your visitors will be more likely to fill out the information requested.

    • Do Create multiple.

      Be creative and design new landing pages for every new offer you have. By creating new landing pages, you are able to gain insights on visitors and target specific audiences. Multiple landing pages are also a great way to try out the effectiveness of different designs, build larger page count on your website and provide multiple entries to your website and email marketing.

    • Don’t Leave out a Call to Action (CTA).

      A CTA is vital for every landing page. The CTA is where you ask for the sale, collect email address and get them in to your email marketing or on-boarding system. Make sure a CTA is present on every page.

    • Do Thank your visitors.

      This is true in real life as well as in the digital life. After a visitor has filled in your form, re-direct them to a Thank you page. This is not only good manners but it offers you the opportunity to offer an up sell or limited time offer because they just downloaded or signed up. Provide more value to your visitor and they will feel good about giving you their information and trust your business.

    • Do Include a testimonial.

      Testimonials on landing pages put visitors at ease for a couple of reasons. One, it allows them to see that they are not the first person to download or signup. Secondly they can see that it has worked for some one else. If the text in your CTA or in the bullet points hits the visitors pain points, the testimonial will put them at ease knowing that you can solve their problems.

    • Do Be organized and concise.

      Do not put too much information on a landing page. Keep it simple with text that is powerful and speaks directly to your target market. Sometimes an explanation video is a great idea.


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Final Thoughts

Remember to check your pages regularly to make sure the work properly. It is also important to try changing them up every so often so that you can see if different text or images convert visitors better. Finally be sure to check your analytics to see if your digital ads are effectively sending visitors to your landing page.

A Landing page, sales funnel with effective email marketing can increase sales. They are important aspects of digital marketing and when done effectively they are powerful tools for your website.

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