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The Best Website Development is Planned

Like pouring a cement patio, the foundation and preparation is key to a proper and functional website development. If you are trying to build or improve your website, it is always best to have a website development plan. Here are some of the reasons to take just a little bit more time for your website […]

Domain Name Registration - 10 Tips

10 Tips to Purchasing a Domain Name

Purchasing a domain name can be a daunting process that can be challenging for a newcomer. With the rising number of hosting companies , it may be overwhelming to not make a mistake in buying your web address that can severely damage your business. Below, are our 10 recommended tips to purchase your domain name […]

SSL and Google Chrome Web Development Windsor

SSL Certificates And Your Website – A Guide to Browser Changes

Back in 2014, HTTPS and the SSL Certificate grabbed the headlines after the Heartbleed bug was in the media. The bug allowed cyber criminals to “listen” to data transmitted over SSL connections. The bug was later patched. This incident was an eye-opener to many regarding online safety. Many began to see why encryption was no […]