The Distinctive Inns of Kingsville is a a group of Inns operating under the Inndulgence brand with each Inn offering a different experience for their guests. Inndulgence, part of the Jack’s Group came to us with the requirements to rebrand all three Inns with one Inndulgence logo to rule them all. Each brand Inn had to retain its own look and feel but still look like a cohesive unit.

The Process

We started with “one logo to rule them all” for the brand Inndulgence. By incorporating a vintage shape and style with the silhouettes of each building we created a home style feeling with visual interest.

In addition to this main logo each inn had its own target market and different offerings. For this reason we we thought it best to create a sub brand for each Inn. By utilizing a different font that matched the style of the inn (i.e a block retro font for the brewery pubs) we were able to differentiate and brand each inn. The block text and “INN 31” number font was consistent on each logo and denotes the address of the inn. By doing this we maintained a consistent look and branding for all of the logos and all can be used simultaneously on marketing materials for Inndulgence.

In addition to the logos we designed and developed a website for Distinctive Inns of Kingsville that provides booking options and links to each Inn’s individual website. Each sites matches the overall branding but also stands alone, matching the brand of the inn.

This was an ambitious project with a lot of different branded components with both traditional and digital branding.