The Banded Goose Brewing Company wanted to offer something different to their patrons and guests when they stay at the inn. The BgB Bike Club is one of those something different options. Not only are these weekly rides good for guests they are great for the local riders as well. The Bike Club helps locals of all riding abilities learn about the different bike routes available in Windsor Essex County.

The Process

Cowlick Studios was tasked with branding the Bike Club for the Distinctive Inns of Kingsville. After a few ideas we came up with a simple logo that incorporates the goose from the brewery logo and a bike wheel. A bike club is not a traditional offering of a brewery, by incorporating the goose with the bike wheel we have created a visual connection between the bike club and brewery. From there we designed t-shirts, jerseys and a website. From this brand we have designed signage, clothing, print materials and a website design.

In addition to the logo Cowlick Studios designed and developed a website for the Banded Goose Bike Club that provides registration, route listings, a waiver and other information about the Bike Club.

It is fun to work with businesses that think differently than what would normally be expected from them. The Distinctive Inns of Kingsville comes up with those creative ideas and we enjoyed working with them to brand their idea both digitally and in traditional settings.