About Cowlick Studios

Often the first question we are asked when people hear our name is “how did you come up with that name?” It really is not a glamorous story. I had a dog in my early adult life that had a cowlick, one day while scratching behind her ears I noticed the cowlick and thought “cowlick – that would be a cool name for a graphic design studio.” It was not until some years later that the name was used, and since then it has caught the imagination of all the many people the studio has come in contact with.

Cowlick Studios offers a “no bull” approach to Marketing, Branding and Print & Web Design. We also offer SEO and Social Media Marketing Services by partnering with SEO Bank. At Cowlick Studios we are committed to seeking out visually pleasing, creative solutions to market businesses.

Marketing and graphic design are a process which we like to embrace, however easy or difficult they can be. The opportunity to solve problems that help others succeed is what we really enjoy. There is nothing better than a job well done and a positive relationship created in which you are proud of your business, and the work that Cowlick Studios has done for you. Our team includes a graphic designer, a developer with expertise in SEO, and a software engineer. We have been providing professional design and marketing services to a variety of companies in different sectors, both profit and not-for-profit, since 2010.


70 + websites developed

10 years of experience.



working with Cowlick is easy!

Schedule a Meeting

During our initial meeting we will discuss the goals for your site and what you think it should look like. A week or so after our meeting you will receive a web proposal.

Website Design

Working closely with you, our goal is to produce a stellar website that works for you. You will recieve prroofs, provide feedback and approval throughout the process.

Launch Your New Website

Once development and testing is complete and you have provided final approval, your site goes live. We can help you to promote your site as well; ask us how.