47 Point Website
Home Page Checklist

Simple and effective changes

This 47 Point Checklist outlines 47 ways that you can improve your website, including:

Tips to Improve your rank with Google Searches.

Design Tips to increase your credibility.

The functionality that you can add to increase sales.

If you are designing a website your self or looking for the right content to include in your new website, our checklist will provide you with the information to build a website that gets results.

Your website is your first impression of your business online. With short attention spans your visitors need to get what they want fast or they will leave your site. This checklist will guide you through the elements of a good website. The points contained in this guide are proven to work and when implemented properly will change how visitors use and interact with your website, resulting in more sales and calls.

If you are a DIY small business owner or contracting out your website design to a web design company, the 47 point checklist will provide you with a solid foundation from which to develop your website or to talk intelligently with your web designer.