At Cowlick Studios we understand that when you don’t understand the technology it can be intimidating to work with a web design company. We try to make it easy for you by explaining what needs to be explained and being clear on what is expected from you and what is expected of us. For this reason we have created the NO BULL GUARANTEE. These are the values that set us apart and make sure that we work well with you.


treat you with respect.

respond promptly to correspondence, and communicate with you effectively

we will try not to talk tech, but rather so you can understand.

make changes to your website in a reasonable time frame.

work to your specifications with our expertise.

give our opinion but let you make the final decision.

work to meet deadlines.

make sure your site works and is complete when launched.

admit if we make a mistake and work to correct it.

work with you to build a fantastic website you can be proud of.

not bill any hidden costs. You’ll always be notified upfront when something costs extra.

Your feedback is critical to our continual ongoing improvements. If we make a mistake please tell us and please, too, let us know when we do well. Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always wanted by our Team. We want to set the standard – but if we do make a mistake you can be assured we will learn from it and fix it quickly.

These are our guarantees to you. We believe that with mutal respect we can build a long term, positive and trusting relationship. If this type of working relationship sounds good to you, SCHEDULE A MEETING TODAY! We would love to hear from you.

The Cowlick Team.