Your website and the trustworthiness of your business

Your Website Design and the Trustworthiness of your business.

First Impressions: How Your Website Design Affects Your Trustworthiness Your website design in Windsor is the first impression you make on potential customers online. You don’t have a messy, disorganized physical space because you know that it would make a poor impression on people. The same rules apply to your online space. Good web design […]

Website Pop Up Website Design Windsor

Using A Website Pop-Ups So it is Not Annoying

Building an Effective Website Pop-Up That Will Increase the Chances of Conversion A website pop-up is a light box that will block the entire page of a website to grab the attention of users and provide a call to action. The call to action can be through highlighting a campaign or signing up for emails. […]

Web Hosting Guide From Cowlick Studios

Cowlicks Guide to Website Hosting

Website Hosting Guidelines If you are creating a new website, you will have to choose a website hosting company. But which one do you pick when there are so many of them? The host you choose will affect the speed, security and stability of your site. Migrating to another can be a real headache. Therefore, […]

Website Design Windsor Complete Guide

Website Design A Complete Guide

When it comes to website design, there are many technical and not so technical items you should considered. The process of website design does not need to be complicated, and can be made easier by following these elements below. In this article we will look at everything including, the basics of the web, branding and […]


Website Accessibility and AODA – What You Need to Know

Website accessibility is an important factor when planning a website. In recent years and in the near future it will become more important. Beginning January 1, 2021: all major public websites must meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA website accessibility standards. More than 13.7% of Canadians have one or more disabilities, for this reason it is […]

above the fold is important - website design windsor

“Above the Fold” and Your Website Design

What Your Web Visitors Should See First Having a well-designed website can make or break your business. A responsive and intuitive site can lead to more website conversion, which will only benefit you and your business. Though it might be easier to hire a company that handles website design, you may decide to build your […]

Hero Image Call To Action Website Design Windsor

Web Design – Write Hero Image Text that Sells

Get More Customers With Web Design Hero Image Text that Sells. Don’t Miss These Four Tips! In the web design world, it’s called a CTA — or the call to action. It’s the language that asks your user to do something — whether that’s reading more about or buying a product or service or giving […]

Google Analytics Guide from Cowlick Studios

A Beginners Guide to Understanding Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is important if you have a blog or run a website for your business, I am pretty sure that you have heard the term at least once. So, what exactly is it and what does it do? Google Analytics is a free web service that helps you track user […]