Digital Marketing from Cowlick Studios Web Design

Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Might Need Work?

Digital Marketing has many standards and guidelines that make certain websites effective and others… not so much. At Cowlick Studios we try to stay within the guidelines, unless there is an obvious reason why it might be better to go outside the rules. Is your digital marketing working for you or against you? Here are […]

Website Design Must Haves

4 “Must Haves” for Website Design

Ever wondered why you are attracted to some website design and not to others? Or wondered why you interact with some sites and not others? These 4 website design must haves will help to answer that question. Using these on your own website design will help to increase leads and sales on your site.   […]

Seven Ways to Double Your Website Leads

Have you ever wondered how you can increase website leads from your website? A website has to be nourished regularly to avoid becoming stale. If you have a website, you should schedule time each and every week to nourish your website to avoid it becoming irrelevant. Here are seven ways you can increase the number […]