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5 Search Engine Optimization “Top of Google” Tips to Gain Website Traffic

Good “Top of Google” orĀ  search engine optimization (SEO) strategies come in all shapes and sizes, but these SEO tips prove valuable everytime. 1. Keywords Are Key. Invest your time and energy in finding the best keywords suited to the content you are providing. One of the most effective ways of doing this is using […]

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Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Might Need Work?

Digital Marketing has many standards and guidelines that make certain websites effective and others… not so much. At Cowlick Studios we try to stay within the guidelines, unless there is an obvious reason why it might be better to go outside the rules. Is your digital marketing working for you or against you? Here are […]

Website Design Must Haves

4 “Must Haves” for Website Design

Ever wondered why you are attracted to some website design and not to others? Or wondered why you interact with some sites and not others? These 4 website design must haves will help to answer that question. Using these on your own website design will help to increase leads and sales on your site.   […]